What is it? Moses Fleetwood Walker, a 19th century black baseball star credited with playing major league ball over 60 years before Jackie Robinson broke into Major League Baseball. Local baseball historians will discuss “Fleet” Walker and Negro League Baseball to honor Black History Month.

“We wanted to host an event that connected Black history and Toledo, said Eric Wagner, Chairman of the Toledo History Museums Programming Committee. “Walker’s story is engaging and it has a local connection. The history of the Negro Leagues is a bonus. Our forum will include baseball historians to discuss Walker and this divisive era in baseball.”

The event is free and open to the public.

When: Monday, February 26th, 6 – 8 PM

Where: McMaster Center at the Toledo Lucas County Main Library?(<—click for map)

Who: The forum will consist of local baseball historian, John Husman; Detroit baseball historian, Gary Gillette; Rosilyn Stearnes-Brown, the daughter of Baseball Hall-of-Famer “Turkey” Stearnes, one of the greatest players in Negro Leagues history, and Ron Teasley, a 91-year-old former Negro Leagues player for the New York Cubans. Teasley played in Toledo along with Turkey Stearnes on the 1945 Toledo Rays (also known as the Toledo Cubs) of the United States League.

See below for links to the full press release and a Walker’s bio.

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