Audio files from the January 2015 meeting of the SABR Detroit chapter can be found here – 27 in all. These include the panel discussion on ballparks, with a focus on the trio of Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and Tiger Stadium. The discussion covers many aspects of these parks over the decades. In addition, there are discussions about the current state of baseball and its fan base, comparisons of the two Comiskey parks, and more.

Opening remarks from Gary Gillette:


Comparing Tiger Stadium, Wrigley Field, and Fenway Park:


Differences between Tiger Stadium, Wrigley, and Fenway:


Tigers, Red Sox, and Cubs ownership:


Red Sox management style change in 2002:


Renovations to Wrigley Field:


Renovating classic ballparks versus retro parks:


New Wrigley scoreboards and Cubs versus rooftop seat owners:


Jobs created by ballpark construction:


Attending a first game at new Comiskey versus games at Tiger Stadium:


Attending a game at old versus new Comiskey:


US Cellular field remodeled:


Tiger Stadium organic connection to Corktown neighborhood:


Wrigley connection to North Side neighborhood:


Public transit and Tiger Stadium and ownership attitudes toward fans:


Detroit African American community attitude toward Tiger Stadium:


The Wrigley Field fan experience:


The fan experience at Tiger Stadium in the 1980s:


Cochrane Plan and Design Features:


Obstructed view seats at Tiger Stadium:


Discussion on contemporary crowds:


MLB popularity and cultivation of casual fans:


Baseball as carnival and designing for hardcore and casual fans:


Quality of TV broadcasts of baseball games:


Long-term view of baseball popularity:


Could Tiger Stadium have survived?: