2/4/17 SABR Day Wrap Up

The February 4th SABR Day meeting in Detroit was kicked off with a slide show presentation of Detroit Stars and Hamtramck Stadium. As many of you know the site was recently granted $50,000 for redevelopment. We were also able to see a brief promotional video and heard from the President of Friends of Historic Hamtramck Stadium Gary Gillette. We then viewed Norman Turkey Stearnes: A Family Album, presented by his youngest daughter Joyce Stearnes...
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SABR Day Quiz and Answers, Turkey Stearnes & Hamtramck Stadium 2/4/17

This was an admittedly tough quiz, and as was pointed out by chapter president Gary Gillette, more of a learning tool to educate about the history of Hamtramck Stadium and Turkey Stearnes. CLICK ON IMAGE OR VIEW PDF…with and without answers: SABR DAY 2017 TRIVIA QUIZ SABR DAY 2017 TRIVIA QUIZ incl answers                 If you get close to getting even half of the twenty questions correct,...
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